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Its hard to even know where to begin in response. Hawaii has such an ingrained corrupt and organized system to keep the status quo and now it is working OT to make sure they hold that power even more tightly, in the face of growing opposition to this tyrannical system of governance by Democrats saving their version of “ Democracy” which is not even our country’s form of governance which is a Constitutional Republic. This state more than many other will have the biggest fight to bring this corrupt system to a halt. We can Do Hard Things, but it will take a small army of workers with a clear vision and purpose, and a willingness to get out the vote for a new Hawaii. One that belongs to the USA in clearly defined terms, including recognition for and provisions promised to Native Hawaiians. The melting pot of Hawaii from statehood has given it a unique cultural identity which is worth celebrating, beyond the political party identity of individuals. We have to recognize that to be respectful and respected. Still we know change is necessary to preserve our Republic, so hard fought for with many people of Hawaii having lost loved ones in these wars. Terrible loss and historic legacy is borne here. Sorry if this is a bit corny. Its just my take after living in Hawaii for 30+ years. The perspective you start with is different than the one you get from many years of living here and developing a more complex view of the realities and winning hearts and minds will not be done by anything but good sense that convinces a majority of the people here in Hawaii. Thanks for the great info!

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