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Florida kicked ERIC out of our state in March of 2023 because it illegally gave away our PPI to NGOs. Parents of teen daughters were especially furious. It also horribly bloated our voter rolls instead of cleaning them as it boasted.

I looked up the 18 oldest voters in our Santa Rosa voter rolls and 11 of them were dead and all had been dead over 5 years. Was so disgusted I stopped at 18. How many more were dead on our voter rolls?

ERIC did do something well. They registered a lot of voters but you might want to make sure you find out if they actually verify voter's citizenship before they register them! I'm calling for an investigation here to make sure they were all citizens.

And we didn't get out of ERIC until our SOS got humiliated. Cord Byrd told our EI group on a zoom that we were keeping ERIC even though he was warned how dirty they were. He said Florida was keeping ERIC Because ERIC was the only way to remove the dead folks from out of state. To be clear, that would only be from the states that hired ERIC. Sweep the rest under the rug. Ignore it's happening.

Less than a week later, the SOS of Alabama made a drop in home visit to ERIC's home office in DC. What did he find? There was NO ERIC home office. Basically a rent by the hour computer store. ERIC LIed .

And Byrd had to wipe the EGG off his face and pulled Florida out of ERIC within about a week of saying he wasn't going to. Has he called for an investigation into the theft of our PPI? Has he called for an investigation to see if all the voters registered were citizens ? I sure haven't seen it happen! Did he demand our money back for bloating our voter rolls?

Sweeping it under the rug???

Buyer beware

If you hire ERIC...you pay thousands and thousands of dollars to have your PPI stolen, your voter rolls bloated and potentially a bunch of non citizens registered to vote.

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